typos and comments

Week 2  topics

  1. Section .4 #8  ( similar to #13 in the text exercises)

The webassign I think has the inequalities messed up a bit; the -pi/2 should not be included but 0 can be included.  tan(-pi/2) is undefined so I think it should not be a less than or equal to sign after it.


  1. In the text exercises for 1.1, #20, states to find C to make H(x) continuous at x=1 but in the definition of the piece-wise graph it has x=5 and x not equally 5    I think these should be 1.


  1. Just a “heads up” about the 1.1 webassign homework.  It is long since 1.1 is an overview of the whole chapter.  I think it should be DUE after they’ve done all of chapter 1 since in the following sections we go into more depth on each subjects, limit theorems(1.2) , continuity(1.3) , tangent lines and the instantaneous velocity(1.4)



example 22 p.75 Chpt 0

Note the coefficients between the problem and the solution do not match in example 22 on pg.75  x = 3 cost in the problem and x = 4cost in the solution.

y = 4sint in the problem and y = 3sint in the solution.



Typos in the text

Please note the following small mistakes/typos in the current text(fall 2017)

On page 8 of Chpt. 0 under exponents, there are typos in #1, text states 0^x = 1 (not true) and “0^0 is undefined” instead of saying indeterminate.

In chapter 0 exercises, #15 on page 12 in the answers, the natural number are said to be not closed under multiplication. (The natural numbers are closed under multiplication.)


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